As we are witnessing in these last days we see many false prophets telling people that the big bang theory is right and evolution is truth, as if our creator does not have the power to create anything . I urge you do not believe these lies they are from the pit of hell to confuse people. God made animals separate from man as you can see in the book of Genesis after their own kind but this does not mean they evolved If man evolved from age their would be no apes and since we are made in God’s

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The Word of God and Neither does the Spirit of Truth lie, I  knew he revealed the truth to me, below is  a Wikepedia confirmation blacks are in fact Hebrews decendants  of Shem and Father Abraham . My question is did the church know this ? I can see already that this is a very unpopular subject but If the truth is not uncovered with us, God will uncover the truth and many are not going to like it. This is sure not about pride or arrogance since the slave trade is a dark part of

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We thought this commentary was interesting so we put it up please I John 4:1 everything you read on our site and ask God first for direction in everything.

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