WORD Christian Radio 2019 Its not Just Music its ministry

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We aim to afford our listeners a enjoyable experienc listening to our starion, we offer a broad genre of contempry Urban Gospel music

Our djs are independant and offer a unique style of there own, so there is plenty for eveyone.

"WORD" christian radio aims and mission

 To promote Gospel music of all genres To promote Gospel music of all genres

 To build a distinctively Christian radio station that is commercially successful and true to its mission statemen

To nurture, encourage, equip and build up the faith of Christians.
To make Christian values and beliefs accessible to non-church-goers.
To encourage greater mutual understanding and co-operation between members of the different churches and denominations.
To express the perspective of Christian belief in relation to current issues and events;To campaign for truth in areas of concern. 
To produce entertaining and informative programmes and to become recognised over the longer term as a station of excellence for Christian media.

Who are we trying to reach? Who is our target audience? 

WCR aims to reach Christians across all denominations that are committed to their faithPeople who have lapsed from going to church regularly for whatever reason but who regard themselves as Christians People, also to those who believe in a God and are sympathetic to Christian values, but have no background of church going, who would be glad to find spiritual meaning because they sense there is more to life than material things. WCR broadcasts 24 hours a day offering a wide and varied range of entertaining and informative programming based on the core beliefs and values of the Christian faith. The major emphasis is on music, current concerns and lifestyle issues, and there are also programmes that explain and commend Christian belief. Praise and worship songs and traditional, modern and classic hymns and music are programed to create a unique sound. In a practical way, Word WCR also responds to its listening audience through live call ins, through its telephone line, and skype link. 
Various strands make up WCRs distinct programme schedule including Christian music and personality programmes.

WCR has been established to share the life changing reality of Jesus Christ with today's generation, glorifying God through the broadcast of influential Gospel Music, Biblical based help through interactive talk radio, and by the teaching of God's Word.
At WCR we provides an alternative to the usual Christian Radio format and is not your typical online, Christian Music, internet radio station.

"WORD" Radio Party

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Our DJ's and MC's for Your Entertainment

It's not just music it's ministry

Our Dj's Mc's and hosts Are not paid for the work they Do and are dedicated people who love what they do 

please support them share and like hit those buttons and help us take gospel music to another level 

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